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We forgot to mention something about our last MASTERCLASS…..

You know we love to give you bonuses, but we forgot to mention that we put together an entire workbook of Chat GPT Promts to help you tell a Viral Story! 

You can grab the replay and the workbook 

WOW… what a Masterclass!!! ¬†

A HUGE thank you to the 50+ creators who joined us for Travis Brown’s Masterclass last night!

In the session he BLOW OUR MINDS with how to create Viral Storytelling content that gets reach, engagement and sales – and got reactions like this from our creators:

Amber Black¬†was blown away with Travis’s ability to come up with ideas on the spot: “How you did that on the fly is AMAZING!!!”Reels Millionaire student¬†
Chloe Carmichael¬†agreed saying “I can confirm Travis does this on the spot – he gave me SO many ideas on our last call and literally came up with them on the spot!”
Melody¬†loved the PAS framework for creating simple stories fast: “This is perfect! I never thought to go thorugh this process to tell a good story”
Harpal¬†had a mind blown moment when Travis shared his insight that “Reels are just ads you don’t pay for…. ooooooh!”

My big takeaways were…

✅ The timelessness of stories and how they capture attention for MUUUUCH longer 
‚úÖ How stories are everywhere – even in the most mundane of circumstances
‚úÖ His 4C’s and PAS method for planning stories in minutes
‚úÖ His tips on filming and editing stories for each posts FAST!

The replay + PLUS our pack of Chat GPT prompts for creating stories in SECONDS is coming TOMORROW 
ūüĎČ Watch the Viral Storytelling Secrets ūüĎą
ūüéĻ Hot Tracks ūüéĻ

This song being used for calm and peaceful clips
This song being used a neutral backing track for videos of all niches
This funny audio being used for big epiphanies/realizations
This cool and vibey audio being used for aesthetic lifestyle videos and vlogs
This powerful audio being used for videos about love/caring for others
This audio being used for uplifting videos, often ones that tell your life story
This song being used for slow and pretty videos, usually in lifestyle niches
This chill remix being used for summery videos of all niches
This song being used for adventurous yet sentimental videos about travel and adventure
This fun big band audio being used for classy videos of all niches
Hook of The Week 

Title: Want to be Rich? DON’T Start a Side Hustle.

Formula:¬†Want to (Achieve Goal)? DON‚ÄôT (Common Solution)‚Äč

Hook score‚Äč:¬†+1040

Why this works:

Desire¬†‚Äď This creator‚Äôs audience wants to be rich and the question in the beginning lets the audience know this video is for them.
Curiosity¬†‚Äď A lot of people want to start side hustles because they want to be rich, so this title telling you not to start a side hustle is counterintuitive to that thought.
How you can use this hook: Call out your audience with a question and then tell them to do the opposite of what they think they should be doing.

Examples of this hook in action:

Want to be skinny? DON’T do Cardio
Want a new Job? DON’T Look on Indeed
Want 1M Views on Reels? 

We’ve opened the doors to our VIP Program where we coach you through our¬†Proven Step-by-Step System¬†for Getting One Million Views Fast.

You’d work directly with Dan and Travis LIVE for 10 Weeks

Book your 1M View Roadmap Call Here

See you in the community and on the calls!

Dan + Travis

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