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The Smash Your Stories Masterclass!

How to Double your Story Views, Engagement and Sales & Post Every Day Without Fail Even if you’ve no ideas and think your life is too boring to post about! Wed 1 Mar 2023, 1pm CST, 2pm EST, 7pm GMT
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Tues Feb 28th at 11am CST – Join us for a Nail your Niche workshop where we’ll work together to define what outcome you’re offering for your clients, what content to create to attract them to you and create a content strategy that makes ideas effortless and consistency simple!
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This audio being used for inspirational content

This song being used to showcase slow & beautiful moments

This funny audio being used to showcase something that “consumes your entire life”

This ethereal sound being used to showcase beautiful clips

This chill sound being used as a background track for videos of all niches

This inspirational audio being used for videos about doing what you love

This upbeat audio being used for videos of all niches, usually with quick edits to the beat

This audio being used for cute dainty and pretty videos

This chill song being used as a backing track for videos of all niches                          
Title: How Fast Can You Touch Water in Every Sonic Game?

Formula: How Fast Can You (Negative Action) in Every (Entity)?

​Hook score: +3594

Why this works:

Curiosity – This builds curiosity by asking a question.

Negativity – This video is about touching water, which essentially kills Sonic.

How you can use this hook: Ask how fast you can do something negative.

See you next week on the calls!

Dan & Travis

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