Your Journey Starts Here

Your step-by-step path to 10,000 followers and millions of views on Instagram.

Dan Flames

How It Works

Each step is broken into weeks, starting with clarity then moving into community, content and consistency. Trainings run from left to right and each training is accompanied by a fast action workbook to help you. Don't forget to ask in the Facebook group for support!

Things to Remember...

Week 1

Nail Your Niche

Clarity is the key to success, so before we start creating, let's nail that niche! You're about to...

 Your Trainings

Week 2

Engagement & Hashtags

Get more likes and comments in minutes with smart engagement and sharing tricks that works! You're about to...

 Your Trainings

4 Lessons

Engagement Engine

TRIPLE your engagement and get more likes and comments that ever before!

Week 3

Huge Reach with Reels

Get huge views and thousands of followers with viral reels that position you as the authority. You're about to...

 Your Trainings

9 Lessons

Massive Reach with Reels

Get massive reach with reels - FAST!

19 Lessons

[BONUS] Mobile Creator

Make anything with just your phone!

Week 4

Crush It With Carousels

Create the #1 format for authority, engagement and consistent leads through your account. You're about to...

 Your Trainings

2 Lessons

Carousel King

DOMINATE the ultimate authority format, designed to skyrocket your brand!

Week 5

Smash your Stories

There's no better way to build trust and connect with your community that with stories! You're about to...

 Your Trainings

Week 6

Collabs & Lives

The secret to growth is collaboration and deep connections - and it's easy when you know how! You're about to...

Week 7

Insights & Growth

The expert strategies to ramp up your reach, engagement and growth in the long term. You're about to...

Week 8

Leads & List Building

Turn followers into leads and build a list of warm prospects that want to buy! You're about to...

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