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Huge Announcement Next Week!

The holidays are coming up faster than a toupee on a windy day.

We’ll be shutting down for the holidays from Dec 19th – Jan 8th. You can still always hit us up in the Facebook Group but this will be the last meeting of the year!

We have some exciting news for you next week….


Make 2023 Your Best Year Yet + Social Boom 2.0 Announcement! – Thursday, Dec 15th at 10:00 AM CST/ 4:00 PM GMT – it’s the last Masterclass of the year so join us to celebrate all our 2022 achievements, plan 2023 to make it the best year yet PLUS a big Social Boom 2.0 announcement (woo hoo!)


1.Things you didn’t know you can do on (platform / website / app / social).

example: Things you didn’t know you can do on Instagram!(job title / industry / niche / professional title) you need to know about this (website / app / tool)

2.If you want to create content that speaks directly to your audience.

example: Mompreneurs! You need to know about this tool if you want to create content that speaks directly to your audience.

3.If you’re a (job title / industry / niche / professional title) with (pain point / current frustration) THIS IS FOR YOU!

example: If you’re a flight attendant with zero time to get ready in the morning, THIS IS FOR YOU!

4.I’m gonna show you 1 of my favorite (website / app / tool) that helps you (action) (problem / pain point / common frustration) (time frame, low cost)!

example: I’m gonna show you 1 of my favorite websites that helps you create content for Instagram, literally within minutes, all for free!

5.Here’s how you can create (product / service / resource / content) in as little as (timeframe).

example: Here’s how you can create Instagram infographics in as little as 20 mins..


  • Happy Happy Ahhhh – POV- Similar to the “happy happy happy” trend, this one has a twist at the end. Start with a positive, then share why it’s not so happy anymore. 
  • Taylor Swift Calendar – Photo Dump – End of year trends often make a comeback and this one is no different. Use this sound to show off photos from the year. Upload 12 photos, one from each month, and align them with Taylor saying each month name. 
  • Rookie Mistake – POV -EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.  Describe a situation that you’ve already been through, then lip sync the words calling it out as a rookie mistake.
  • I Admire Hearing That – POV – Use text on the screen to share something passive aggressive that someone has said to you, then lip sync the words to the sound.
  • Microwave Popcorn – POV/Storytime -Use this sound to share a story where the other person doesn’t understand what you’re talking about. Act annoyed when the other person asks questions, possibly because they’re not paying attention. 

Let’s make 2023 your best year yet! Happy Holidays and see you next week on the calls!

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