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Instagram rolls out an in-app scheduling tool to all professional accounts. 

Instagram is rolling out an in-app scheduling tool to all professional accounts in its app, the company has announced. The new tool allows businesses and creators to schedule their posts in advance without having to use third-party apps or Creator Studio. Social media managers and creators have long relied on third-party tools to schedule posts on Instagram, so the new scheduling tool will likely be a game changer. The official launch comes a few weeks after the social network began testing the scheduling tool with select users.

With the new tool, businesses and creators will be able to schedule posts, reels and carousels directly in the app up to 75 days in advance.

Once you have created a post, you can access the scheduling tool by tapping “Advanced settings.” Then, you will see a new “Schedule this post” toggle. After you have selected the new option, you will be able to select the time and date you want the post to go live. You then need to navigate back to the Instagram post flow and tap “schedule.” Creators and businesses will be able to see scheduled posts in the “Scheduled Content” section that is accessible via the hamburger menu. The section also lets you reschedule content if needed.


Riff Challenge -If you’re on music tok, or even if you’re not you may have noticed every other video is someone singing this riff from the song, Crazy, thanks to the original viral video. If you’re not a singer a lot of people are using this sound as a POV with text to share a shocking memory or something crazy they did. 

I’m your Bestie – Early Trend This parody of Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero is being used by the pet community, but could also be directed towards human friends (your kids, partner, or actual bestie). 

Ill do It – Put the text on the screen, “I don’t wanna say it. That’s mean.” Then your friend walks into the frame. Change the text to “fine, I’ll do it.” Then your friend flips the bird or alternatively, you can share a niche specific hard truth.

No I’m Not – POV – Start with a photo or stay very still. Put text on the screen of someone complimenting you. Then change the camera to be up close and lip sync the denial. Be sure to have a dramatic face during the gawk sound. 

Uh Oh- I’m Falling in Love – POV – Describe an action that someone does or a treat that you find irresistible, then lip-synch the words, Uh Oh I’m falling in love. This doesn’t have to be about a person, romantically, but can be used for any niche.

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