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You now have all the Social Boom events, trend report, hook ideas, and content ideas at your fingertips. Last week Dan hosted an epic Smash Your Stories Masterclass to grow your account and community with stories!

Missed it? Catch the replay here

Next week Dan is speaking at Podcast Movement Evolutions in Las Vegas! Make sure you stay tuned in his feed for updates and behind the scenes!

This audio is being used to showcase the little wonders of life
This uplifting audio is being used as a backing track for videos of all niches
This funny audio is being used to showcase your lifestyle and how you don’t care what other people think of it
This happy song being used for montages of all niches
This cool/inspirational audio being used for travel and lifestyle videos
This chill audio being used for bright and relaxed videos of all niches      

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Making the video is the fun part. Editing and Adding Captions can really slow you down. After editing hundreds of videos that have gained millions of views, we’ve developed some serious editing skills and workflows. That being said, we’d love to take editing off your plate.

If you like the way Dan and Travis’s videos look. You’ll love what we can do for you. We have several packages available and by signing up you’ll be automatically upgraded to a PRO Social Boom Account or given access to our VIP programs like Reels Millionaire. 

If you’d like to take your videos to new heights without the stress, hit reply or schedule a quick call with Travis here. 
Title: Genius YouTube Advice for 15 Minutes Straight…

Formula: Genius (Niche) Advice for 15 Minutes Straight…

Hook score: +785

Why this works:

Desire – This channel’s audience wants genius YouTube advice.

Time Frame – “15 Minutes Straight” lets you know exactly what you’re gonna get if you click this video, which makes more people click.

Authority – The thumbnail uses authority because it has many of the top YouTubers faces’ on it.

How you can use this hook: 

Give your audience advice for your niche for 15 minutes straight.

Examples of this hook in action: Genius Running Advice for 15 Minutes Straight…
Genius Photography Advice for 15 Minutes Straight…

See you next week on the calls!Dan & Travis

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