What’s Hot This Week (Feb 10)


Missed this weeks masterclass? Don’t worry, we got you!

In this session Dan shows you: 

💥 How to find viral content in seconds and turn it into something that works for you, FAST! 
💥 Our content calendar template and tricks
💥 How to use “Themetic” thinking method to turn every day objects into loads of content ideas! 

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Tues Feb 14th at 11am CST – Join us for a Nail your Niche workshop where we’ll work together to define what outcome you’re offering for your clients, what content to create to attract them to you and create a content strategy that makes ideas effortless and consistency simple!


Weekly Q+A – Weds, Feb 15th at 10am CST/4PM GMT – Come ask us anything LIVE or hit reply so we can answer your question on the call.

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This audio being used to show something that’s perfect

This upbeat audio being used for videos of all niches, especially informative ones

This song being used for upbeat lifestyle content
This breezy audio being used for chill videos across all niches

This audio being used for informational content where the first bit is accompanied with a text hook and then the second bit is informative text

This funny audio being used to comically contrast two things (before/afters, things that have changed with time, etc.)

This chill song being used as a backing track for videos of all niches

This song being used for beautiful and ethereal clips

This audio being used to showcase something delicious

This fun remix being used as a backing track for videos of all niches

Title: Mustang GT Dark Horse 2024 is Going to be The Game Changer

Formula: (Product) (Upcoming Year) is Going to be the Game Changer

​Hook score: +7876

Why this works:

Curiosity – This builds curiosity because it’s talking about a future product, and the future is inherently unknown.

Desire – This creator’s audience loves mustangs and new cars.

Timeliness – This video was published soon after Ford unveiled their plans for the Mustang GT Dark Horse and everybody was talking about it.

How you can use this hook: Tell your audience about an upcoming product that’s going to be a game changer.

Examples of this hook in action:

– iPhone 16 2024 is Going to be the Game Changer
– Marvel’s Thunderbolts In 2024 is going to Change the Game


See you next week on the calls!

Dan & Travis

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